ID Master

IDMasterpb+a utilizes ID Master , a robust project database software system to organize, search, and capitalize on the vast amount of field data collected for each of the firm’s projects.

ID Master was developed to provide for the storage of an extensive amount of data that is:

  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to Convert into Report and Estimate Formats
  • Thorough, Comprehensive and Accurate
  • Capable of Facilitating Reports and Estimates in a Timely Manner

The main component of the ID Master system is the storage of descriptions of the thousands of conditions that may be encountered in the investigation of:

  • Construction Defects
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Building System Failures
  • Building Component and Material Failures
  • Structural Failures

ID Master also includes:

  • Capability of Storing, Sorting and Filtering Thousands of Annotated Photos
  • Links to Pertinent Code Issues
  • Links to Industry Standards
  • Links to Manufacturers Data
  • Project Specific Data

ID Master is utilized in the preparation of a broad variety of reports and estimates, typical of which are:

  • Visual Site Visit Reports
  • Destructive Testing Reports
  • Letter of Findings
  • Rebuttal Reports
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Photo Vignette Reports
  • Representative Photo Reports
  • Liability Allocation Reports
  • Issue Matrix Preparation
  • Trial and Deposition Preparation
  • Conceptual Cost Estimating

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